SG Innovate + Sinergy

The Resurgence of Algal Biotechnology

Presented by SGInnovate and SINERGY

Algal biotechnology, once regarded as the future of renewable energy, has started to regain interest from new market niches where they could offer key advantages over traditional bioproduction methods. High-value bioproducts such as cosmetic supplements, speciality oils, nutraceuticals and the ever-growing alternative protein industry have provided safe haven as algal biotechnology companies start to pivot away from biofuels.

Emerging technologies such as synthetic biology, high-throughput phenomics and the application of IoT automation to algal manufacturing technologies have also shown promise as we look to advance the establishment of an algal-based bioeconomy.

Join us as we invite speakers in the algal biotechnology space from the US, Australia and Singapore to share about the new technologies advancing the algal biotech space, limitations of algal biotech, and the economic and environmental feasibility of starting an algal biotech venture.


11:00am – 11:05am: Opening Remarks from SGInnovate and SINERGY

11:05am – 11:10am: Presentation by Konstantinos Vavitsas, Consortium Manager, Sinergy on “Basics of DNA Data Storage”

11:10am – 12:00pm: Panel discussion and Q&A session with:

Ø  Eugene Wang, CEO, Sophie’s Bionutrients

Ø  Nusqe Spanton, CEO, Provectus Algae

Ø  Arye Lipman, General Partner, Mars Bio

Ø  Moderator: Assoc Prof Sierin Lim, Associate Professor of Bioengineering – School of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, NTU