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Thursday, 30th September, 2021
1-4pm SGT
Via Zoom

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Synthetic biology, the discipline that uses biology as an engineering component, holds the promise of transforming many industries and bringing game-changing applications to the society.

To fully achieve the potential of Synthetic Biology and integrate its advances in the society, we want every talented scientist to participate in and contribute to our vibrant research community.

The Asian Synthetic Biology Association (ASBA) and the Singapore Synthetic Biology Technology Consortium (SINERGY) are co-organizing the inaugural Women in Synthetic Biology Symposium, taking place online on 30 September, 1-4 pm Singapore/China Time (2-5 pm Tokyo/Seoul Time).

The aim of the symposium is to showcase and celebrate the scientific achievements of female synthetic biologists in Asia and to give opportunities to young members of the community to present their research in a wide forum. The symposium will feature presentations from all aspects of synthetic biology.


We invite synthetic biologist to submit an abstract and be selected to present their research (online presentation, ~10 minutes).

The best selected presentation will be awarded a $500 voucher, kindly provided by GenScript.

Abstract submission deadline: 14 September 2021

Please send your abstracts by email to [email protected], indicating “Abstract for Women in Synthetic Biology Symposium

The symposium is free to attend, please register here



  • Opening remarks and welcome from ASBA and SINERGY
  • Plenary speaker (1pm): Yan Feng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Session 1: New Synthetic Biology Tools and Hosts (1.30 pm)
    Session Chair: Yunzi Luo, Tianjin University, China

    • Tomoko Yoshino, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan
      Title: Bioengineering of magnetic nanoparticles produced by magnetotactic bacteria.
    • Rupali Reddy Pasula, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore
      Title: Engineering magneto-reception in E. coli
    • Michiko Kimoto, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore
      Title: Synthetic Biology Using Genetic Alphabet Expansion
    • Indra Roux, The University of Western Australia, Australia
      Title: Synthetic biology tools for natural product discovery in filamentous fungi
    • Michiko Nemoto, Okayama University, Japan
      Title: Identification of proteins regulating silica biomineralization in diatoms
  • Break
  • Session 2: Metabolic Engineering and Metabolic Mdelling (2.30 pm)
    Session Chair: Youngsoon Um, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

    • Ji-Sook Hahn, Seoul National University, Korea
      Title: Lactate production and regulation of tolerance against weak organic acids in a methanotroph Methylomonas sp. DH-1.
    • Sun-Mi Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
      Title: Engineering Saccharomyces & Yarrowia to produce biofuel
    • Yingxiu Cao, Tianjin University, China
      Title: Genome-scale target identification and programming of microbes for high production of chemicals
    • Jasmeet Kaur Khanijou, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore
      Title: Enhancing Limonene Production through Systems Biology Approaches
    • Jing Wui Yeoh, National University of Singapore, Singapore
      Title: Model-driven approaches towards rational synthetic biology experimental design
  • Break
  • Session 3: Protein Engineering (3.15 pm)
    Session Chair: Sierin Lim, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

    • Yee Hwee Lim, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore
      Title: TBD, her research is on biocatalysis
    • Maybelle Go, National University of Singapore, Singapore
      Title: Cannabinoid Biosynthesis using Noncanonical Cannabinoid Synthases
    • Yuki Ogawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan
      Title: Engineering of the ligand specificity of the transcriptional regulator XylS by deep mutational scanning
    • How Wing Leung, GenScript Asia Pacific
      Title: Protein engineering approaches to improve therapeutic antibody development
  • Best presentation announcement


  • Sierin Lim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Yunzi Luo, Tianjin University, China

  • Youngsoon Um, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

  • Tomoko Yoshino, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

  • Kostas Vavitsas, SINERGY